About Adam Bennett Mindset Coaching

Hi there! I’m Adam Bennett, a Mental Game Coach passionate about empowering athletes and teams to reach their full potential. Thank you for visiting my page. With over 30 years of experience in the sports industry, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals unlock their champion mindset through sports mental performance coaching to excel in their athletic pursuits.

My journey began as a first-round NHL pick, as a defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers. Throughout my career, I experienced the transformative power of mental strength strategies, which not only made me a full-time NHL player but also became the foundation of my resilience through a career-ending injury and life's challenges.

I firmly believe that failure is a stepping stone to growth, and I am grateful for the lessons life has taught me.

I became a certified Axiology Practitioner and REBT Mindset Coach to teach mental strength & peak performance strategies to athletes, teams and corporations. I bring a unique blend of expertise and understanding to my mindset coaching approach. I am dedicated to your mental performance training and transformation, leading you toward a champion mindset.