Peak Performance Coaching For Athletes

  • Proactive Success Coach Simcoe

    Step 1: Start here

    Mental Health Assessment Coaching

    • Online mental assessment to be completed at the athlete’s convenience
    • The test measures an athlete's mental strengths & weaknesses

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  • Proactive Success Coach Simcoe

    Step 2: Recommended

    Mindset Coaching

    • Learn the 6 mental skills that all athletes should develop
    • Live Video coaching lessons

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  • Proactive Success Coach Simcoe

    Step 3: Optional

    Personal Advisor

    • Must have registered and/or completed Steps 1 & 2
    • On-call Advisor availability for continued support

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Mindset coaching & advisory services


  • Axiology Practitioner Simcoe

    "Trying to navigate all the different challenges was near impossible. Thank you for making the scary, less scary."

    Parker B.

  • Axiology Practitioner Simcoe

    "This program was essential to improving my mental strength. My confidence has skyrocketed!"

    Alex P.

  • Axiology Practitioner Simcoe

    "The personal attention is great! I call or text and Adam is right there to help me through the difficult times."

    David K.

  • Axiology Practitioner Simcoe

    "As a parent, I'm so glad to have someone with Adam's experience help with my child's growth & development."

    Sam J.

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